Pub Interiors

The interiors of British pubs is as varied as their external structure, some have remained practically unchanged for hundreds of years while others have been lovingly restored to their original decor. The typical look of a traditional British pub is a range of small tables with four small, plain stools or chairs surrounding them. Some offer a range of settees and armchairs and the ever popular real open fire.

Originally traditional British pubs or inns consisted of two rooms, the bar which offers less seating and would be the predominantly male drinking domain. You would normally expect to find pub games such as pool and darts in this room and the decor would usually be plainer. The second room would be referred to as the Lounge and would be decorated to a higher standard than the Bar, the Lounge is furnished with seating small groups in comfort in mind as this is commonly where food would be served.

In contrast modern British bars or pubs offer a completely different experience, designed often with the quantity of customers in mind. A modern pub often provides slot machines, quiz machines and pin ball as a modern alternative to darts and pool.

Pub Chairs and Furniture – Casual Or Formal Or a Blend of Two

People of varied taste and culture are likely to visit your pub; and not all of them will be there for same purpose. Though common reason for going to pubs is to enjoy beverages and snacks; however, they often have additional objectives like chatting with friends, dating or just spending leisurely time with someone special.

When marketing your pub it is important to decorate your pub in such a way so that it fits with all moods and possible visitors. Aesthetically prepared pub chairs, tables and furniture add to the interior of your pub and buying quality pub furniture will pay dividends.

Custom Pub Chairs and Furniture for Your Pub

It is difficult to decide what type of pub furniture you actually need. If your pub is a combination of restaurant and bar, you will need a range of furniture, tables and chairs of different styles.

The same pub furniture may not look good in the restaurant as it does in the bar and you must buy bar furniture for the bar. Now, the question is whether to go for casual or formal look? To find answer to this question, you need to understand your target audience.

Some pubs are focused towards events, live music and bar snacks whilst others offer a quieter location with a wider selection of food. Some pubs are ideal for book lovers, wanting a quiet place for a drink and a lunch whilst reading. Different bar furniture suits the needs of these different audiences.

So you need to create the right ambiance for all. Instead of going with formal or casual approach why not try a blend of both with your pub furniture?

You can ask your pub furniture supplier to design some unique pub chairs and furniture that stand somewhere between formal and casual. The chairs should be comfortable enough so that the book-lover finds it relaxing whilst your other visitors can enjoy the events you may have on.

Look for a reputed pub furniture maker for bespoke chairs, tables, stools, counter-height tables and other furniture. If necessary get your interior designer involved in the process. Measure the entire space, prepare a suitable plan and supply the measurements to your furniture makers so that they can craft the pub chairs to fit to the measurements.

Apart from different styles, textures, and designs, you can get pub and bar furniture made of different materials. Choose the material that suits with the indoor look. You can select different materials for different parts of your pub as well. So start looking for pub furniture specialist. Apart from visiting local furniture dealers, you can search the web for pub chairs and furniture and buy the items online anytime.

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How To Choose A Bar Supplies Company

There are a lot of things to be considered when deciding whether or not to open a bar. One of the most important things to think about is bar supplies. Take time to think about what equipment you need to successfully run one and who will supply those materials. It is the supplies on which the success or the failure of any bar would be determined.

When choosing a supplier for your beverage requirements, several things will have to be considered, but a lot will depend on the location of the bar. Different regions have different rules when it comes to the regulation of alcohol. Familiarize yourself with local laws and by laws as they may vary greatly from one place to another.

Locating a supplier should not be hard as there are many companies in this business. Go through the current alcohol trade publications in your area to get a few suppliers. Alternatively, you could just look up a supply company like Kellyseye in the yellow pages. You will probably have to contact several suppliers to get the full range of supplies you will need.

Other than just looking for competitive prices, also look for good service from the company you hire. They have to be able to meet your demands as they come, from orders to sudden emergency requirements and all this at little or no extra cost. Orders should be delivered on time and should be handled with care. Most bars use a lot of glass ware and if not handled with care, a lot of losses could be incurred as breakage.

Do a little scouting and visit the ware houses of these suppliers yourself to see their operations. Whether they are organized and if they handle their orders with care are some of the things you should observe. Make sure you do not pick a firm that messes up orders or delivers sub standard goods. Keep in mind that returning messed up orders is time consuming and expensive.

Look out for hidden costs and charges. Some suppliers charge extra cash or penalize clients for minimum orders. Choose only those suppliers that do not have these extra costs and penalties. Alternatively, you can have different providers according to the type and amount of materials you need. Have one kind of supplier for small orders and another for the large orders. This way, you get the best of both worlds.

You may also decide to work with an online company if those in your area do not offer the kind of materials you need or they are too expensive. Consider the extra shipping costs incurred and also their return policy. Work with a company that allows you to return goods that have already been sold. This is beneficial to customers as they get maximum return in value for what they spend.

With bar supplies, constant invoicing is a must. The bar is constantly running out of stock hence constant orders must be placed, sometimes on a daily basis. With every delivery comes an invoice that is a list of all the ordered items, the charge on each and the total cost of the delivery. Make sure you go through the invoice to make sure you are charged the quoted price.